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Ignite in Fire
Air is the most subtle of all four Elements, yet it is also the genesis of them. As gases coalesce, they build heat and gravity until they ignite and become dense. This Elemental state of gas, as Air, is both the fuel and raw material. Similarly, the mind is the birthplace of the tangible and intangible. As the least dense Element, it also provides the least resistance — but don't be fooled, Air is also the most difficult to grasp. It is quick and evasive, while also packing a great deal of power. Though Air can be very forceful, it must also be treated gently and with care, or it will dissipate. Air is freedom and freshness, and does not like to be constrained… being able to jump quickly from one place to the next, to fill any space with ease, and yet also move out of that space with equal ease. These qualities of Air give the mind a tendency to disconnect from the physical realm and dissipate the other Elements. Watch for this when Air is imbalanced, and be cautious that the mind does not separate too much from the physical realm. Like Air, the mind's processes are mysterious and undefined. In the field of the mind, what seems permanent one moment can vanish the next — and the more we hold on to sudden ideas, the quicker they escape. Yet, like the wind eroding a mountain, repetition creates grooves that can endure over lifetimes. At the same time, Air connects us as the breath that sustains living things. It is in this connection that Air builds pattern and organizes, sorts and discerns, and reaches beyond the physical into a web of interconnectivity. Reading with The Orbifold Tarot Air
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