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Reflect in Water
Fire is the intermediary between the gaseous state and the liquid & solid states. It is the transformative power of action that releases the stored energy within the other three Elements, and has the power to change and mold the Elements; at times almost irreversibly. It shares some of Air's intangibility, but it gives off heat and light that can be felt and seen — making it less subtle. Fire as action moves thought into being, and leads feeling into doing. It has a destructive nature which, when directed well, cuts through blockages and murkiness. It can burn off excess, but it can also consume already limited resources. Possibly more than any other Element, it must be respected and treated with care, as its destructive force can be more devastating than helpful. Fire teaches us many things, but most of all: actions have repercussions. Nonetheless, nothing changes without action. Use the other Elements to balance, temper, and ground Fire's diabolical force. Fire's transformative and destructive qualities cause change in the other Elements and break up inertia. When the mind, emotions, and physical matter become stuck, Fire brings movement. When Fire is present, some action is required, is being blocked, or needs to be paid attention to. See how action is relevant in the spread, especially in context with the other Elements. Once actions are taken, they can not easily be undone — an instantaneous action may affect a lifetime. Reading with The Orbifold Tarot Fire
Action|Doing Desire, Passion, Will, Drive, Power,
Transformation, Destruction,
Inspiration, Spark, Volatile,
Effort, Force, Energy,
Heat, Light, Vision