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Earth is the Element of being and experience. It represents persistence and tenacity. As the most stable and even Element, it is steady and sustaining. Earth's stability makes it slow to change, but those changes tend also to be longer-lasting. It is steadfast, and this leads to a certain consistency that can be both reliable and stubborn. It is also our being, our foundation. It is the ground on which we build and off of which we live. It not only gives us a physical, material foundation, but it also anchors our thought, actions, and feelings in the tangible realm. It is this base that enables us to grow and thrive. Earth's solidity supports and defines us, and that definition can help contain and direct our energies toward realization of any goal or endeavor. This containing quality, however, can also be restricting, and even create blockages. Earth often requires the movement afforded by the other three Elements to bear its most nourishing fruits. Be careful not to get stuck when there is a lot of Earth present, but understand that the resources are available when Earth is prominent. Earth is well established in reality — an important consideration when dreams become too lofty, actions get out of control, and emotions are overwhelming: Earth with bring you back to what is. As the ground on which we live, Earth has an innate and unbiased fairness. All things emerge from it, and all things return to it — at least in the physical realm. Use Earth to return to the core of your being, to stand firm... just be mindful that it doesn't anchor you so heavily that you cannot receive its bounty. Reading with The Orbifold Tarot Earth
Being|Experience Presence, Collecting, Solidity, Support,
Grounded, Resources, Slow, Rest,
Inertia, Yielding, Stubborn,
Constant, Persistent,