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Rest in Earth
Where Air and Fire are more subtle, Water is fluid density. It represents feeling and sensation, bringing Air and Fire into the realm of the tangible. Water mediates between the physical, mental, and spiritual. Water changes state easily, from liquid to gas, to solid, and back to liquid again, without losing its innate essence. Similarly, feelings and sensations shift form, back and forth from feelings to thoughts; sensations to experience. This fluidity makes Water perhaps the most adaptable Element. Through Water, and the realm of sensation, thought, experiences, and actions merge and become soluble — allowing them to be assimilated into our being. This aspect nourishes us, and nourishment can be physical as well as emotional. The receptive quality of Water absorbs impressions, even those we are not consciously aware of. This links Water to the subconscious mind, and the processes that run behind conscious thought. It is here that intuition is awakened, where the mysterious Lunar aspects of the mind temper the rational Solar aspects. Water's fluid nature reminds us of impermanence, soothing and calming the intensity of Earth, Fire, and Air. Provided Water is allowed to flow in and out, over and down, around and through, it cleanses and refreshes. Adaptable solubility connects Water to the other Elements, giving rise to relationship. Where Air connects through consciousness, and Earth connects through foundation, Water connects through feeling. While relationships change and flow like Water, their essence endures as Love. Reading with The Orbifold Tarot Water
Feeling|Sensation Creative, Cool, Calming, Cleansing, Refreshing,
Nourishing, Soothing, Adaptation, Fluidity,
Emotion, Unconscious/Subconscious,
Intuition, Reflection, Relationships,
Ebb and Flow,